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Why compare minibus insurance with Utility Saving Expert?

Finding the right minibus insurance policy can be a tricky task to tackle. With minibuses being used for several purposes, you may be left confused as to which policy would best suit your needs. Here at Utility Saving Expert, we want to assist in making the decision of choosing your policy a straightforward process.

What is a minibus?

Generally speaking, a vehicle with 9 to 16 seats will be classed as a minibus. A minibus is, therefore, the perfect vehicle for transporting smaller groups of people to their desired destination. Larger than a standard car but smaller than a bus or coach, a minibus can be seen to be the best of both worlds, providing enough space as well as comfort for its passengers.

Usually, minibuses require specialist insurance and this is down to the nature in which the vehicle operates, as well as the number of passengers it is able to carry.

You may be a minibus driver operating the vehicle for hire and reward, or perhaps you have a large family and use it for personal, everyday purposes, like going shopping or picking the children up from school. Minibuses are also the favoured mode of transport used by schools to take pupils on outings or day trips.

Whatever the case, it is important you have the correct minibus insurance policy in place, to protect you, your vehicle and of course your passengers, should anything go wrong on your journey.

Why do I need minibus insurance?

In the UK, all vehicles under the Road Traffic act 1988 are required to be insured up to a minimum level before they can legally be driven on the road.

Unfortunately, a standard car insurance policy will not provide adequate cover for your minibus and this is often due to the nature of its use and the fact it is larger than a standard vehicle. Insurance providers therefore regard minibuses as vehicles that carry higher risks. For this reason, you will need a specialist minibus insurance policy, which will protect you in all eventualities.

Minibuses are also a more expensive vehicle to purchase. So besides needing the correct insurance policy as a legal obligation, you are likely to want to have your vehicle protected should an accident arise.

With no insurance in place, you could be losing out on your hard earned cash to repair or replace the vehicle – probably something you’d rather avoid, right?

The bottom line is, without the correct minibus insurance in place, you could be breaking the law and putting yourself, your vehicle and your passengers at risk, which in return, could make you lose your livelihood.

What minibus insurance policy would best suit my needs?

This is the tricky part. Due to the fact minibuses are often used for several purposes, there may be a number of options that would best suit your needs. The level of cover or type of policy you require will be based on how you use the vehicle, or how you plan to in the future. So let’s explore these options in more detail:

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Cover for hire and reward

If you use your minibus to take passengers to and from their destination whilst charging a fee; you will need an insurance policy which provides cover for hire and reward. This means you will need to insurance your minibus as if it was a taxi.

A number of people or organisations may use minibuses for hire and reward purposes. These include but are not limited to:

  • Taxi Firms
  • Tour Operators
  • Party Bus Drivers
  • School Transport Firms

Taxi insurance policies may be able to provide you with adequate cover and you can compare taxi insurance quotes by heading over to our online comparison tool.

This type of insurance will usually cover you for the following; however it is always best to check with your provider:

Public liability

Public Liability will cover you should any member of the public be injured as a result of your business, as well as damage to any of their property.

Public or private hire

Both of these are common types of minibus taxi insurance. Public hire is used for minibuses that can be hailed by people on the street. Private hire minibuses will not be able to be hailed, but must be pre–booked by customers.

Breakdown cover

This additional cover will protect you should your minibus breakdown for whatever reason. It will provide you with breakdown assistance as well as cover the cost to repair your vehicle.

Any driver

This additional cover will allow any driver, with your permission, the ability to drive your minibus if required.

Fleet cover

This is particularly useful should you own a number of minibuses. Fleet cover will enable you to insure a number of vehicles under one policy, which should not only reduce your premium, but also make it easier to manage.

It is worth noting that like any standard insurance policy, you will be able to choose from third party only, third party fire and theft, and comprehensive cover. Speak to your insurance provider and they will be able to give you the run down on your options.

Van insurance for minibuses

If you are using your minibus for commercial or private use, which does not involve hire or reward, (charging passengers a fee) then you may be able to find a suitable van insurance policy which will cover you and your needs.

There are many types or organisations which may use a minibus for commercial reasons, for example:

  • Cleaning companies
  • Ground workers
  • Building workers

If you are using the minibus for private use, then usually this is just to get you about your everyday activities such as doing the shopping, visiting relatives or taking the children to and from school. Again, you should be able to get adequate cover through a van insurance policy, and you can compare quotes using our online comparison tool.

It is always important you inform your insurance provider of the exact ways in which you intend to use your vehicle. This will ensure they are able to provide you with the correct level of cover for all eventualities. If you are not clear on how you intend to use your minibus, your insurance could become invalid and you may not be able to make a claim.

How can I save money?

We won’t deny the fact that unfortunately; many minibus insurance premiums are likely to be more costly than that of a standard car insurance policy. There however a number of steps you could take which will significantly reduce your premium, keeping it within your budget.

Improve security

Insurance providers base your premium on the amount of risk associated with your vehicle. For these reasons it is important you ensure your minibus is secure.

Park it in a safe place.

Perhaps on a private driveway, behind securely locked gates or within a garage. This should not only deter thieves from stealing or damaging your minibus, but will also keep it away from other oncoming vehicles that could cause it damage.

Install extra security measures, such as alarms or immobilisers, which again, will deter thieves from targeting your minibus.

Drive safely

Driving carefully and safely will reduce your chance of having an accident and therefore you are less likely to need to make a claim. This means you could build your no claims bonuses, which will reduce your insurance premium significantly.

Compare quotes online

By shopping around, you will be able to compare different deals in order to not only get the best price, but find the most appropriate policy for your needs. Keep in mind, that is it more important to get the correct cover, rather than the cheapest.

The cheapest option might not provide you with the necessary cover, which could prove to be an expensive mistake to make should you be unable to make a claim in the future.

Compare minibus insurance

You should now have all the necessary information you need to help you choose the right policy and level of cover for your minibus. Use Utility Saving Expert’s online comparison tool to help you find cheap minibus insurance.